2-1-4-3 Book


2143 Book – By Aidan J. Connolly & Kate Phillips Connolly

Plan Your Explosive Business Growth – This book gives the tools  to identify and evaluate the possibilities to create a plan for achieving your goals


Business Plans, Transformed
2-1-4-3 doesn’t offer solutions. Instead it gives you tools that can be used at any crossroads, to identify and evaluate the possibilities and create a plan for achieving your goals. It is useful for organizations of any size, is flexible enough for any industry and allows for input from a range of roles, while laying the groundwork for buy-in at all levels.

Proven Case Studies
Building on knowledge and experience is important, that’s why we’ve included a broad range of companies, from many sectors, across the globe, who have found success from implementing the 2-1-4-3 model.

Actionable Steps
2-1-4-3 guides you through four phases of intense planning, broken down into granular detail to help you and your company create effective goals and implement the best strategy to deliver them.

Free Foldout Wall Planner
Each copy of 2-1-4-3 comes with a free fold out Wall Planner, so you and your team can follow along.

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