A New Book To Change Your Business Thinking

“The thing about SMART – the previous gold standard for setting goals – is that it doesn’t mention the how. 2-1-4-3 encourages – insists, even – that you address this point. Even better, it asks you to look back and take into account how you’ve arrived at your current situation.

“Often the problem with senior leadership is that they dish out goals to their teams willy-nilly – with no apparent context – and then wonder why their staff fails to achieve them. With 2-1-4-3, the manager must think carefully before passing on goals and then can do so whilst explaining the bigger picture -leading to a far higher chance of success.

“‘But why?!’ is often the lament of staff on the receiving end of goals from above. ‘What’s the point?!’ 2-1-4-3 takes them through the whole thought process and provides the bigger picture, not just an apparently random short term goal. The chances of success have just risen manifold… Setting goals is easy. Achieve 20% growth! Double turnover within five years! Gain 10 new $1m customers within 12 months! Inestimably harder is working out how…

2-1-4-3 provides a perfect dialogue between all stakeholders and operators, offering a look back at what has gone on before, leading to a realistic, practical conversation about what may be possible in the future. Motivation means involvement and being part of something big. 2-1-4-3 provides this.”

Floyd K Ballantyne, Managing Director, FKB Training